on Polygon Chain

About Us

The Sexy Meme Al project wants to create a framework
based on a strong community and the sharing and participation of ideas,
provide artistic elements such as NFTs and digital content,
with the ambition of creating a comical and animated narrative,
which can become a brand in the future commercial. . produced on a global scale.

It has an initial total supply of 21 million tokens and a final supply of 18.9 million,
of which 4 million are currently locked in a smart contract ,
awaiting release, to be dedicated to expanding functionality
and listings on exchanges and increasing liquidity.

This token was designed as a fun tool to involve the community
through the exchange of small quantities of Sexy Meme Tokens,
which can also be used to access votes relating to the development of the project.

Its value may vary, as it is mainly based on supply and demand in context.

By locking about 1,5 million tokens in a smart contract for a certain period of time,
the developers aim to create some stability in the sexymeme ecosystem,
\allowing markets to develop organically.